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LED DownLights






EAS-DL-230 18XX F

(18W LED Downlight 230mm 2700K (200mm Cutout))

EAS-DL230-1840 (18W LED Downlight 230mm 4000K (200mm Cutout))

EAS-DL230-1840-F (18W LED Downlight 228mm 4000K 1750lm (200-210mm cutout) Frosted)

EAS-DL230-1840-IP44 (18W LED Downlight 230mm 4000K (200mm Cutout) IP44)

EAS-DL230-2540-F (25W LED Downlight 228mm 4000K 2500lm (200-210mm cutout) Frosted)

(10W LED Downlight 110mm 4000K 700lm (90-100mm cutout) Frosted)

EAS-DL Low Glare

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